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You are invited to join our Louisiana Chapter in a an informal coffee & conversation regarding coping with COVID from our various perspectives. Download the free FULBRIGHTER APP and create a profile to receive details or e-mail lousiana@fulbright.org. Join our community of Louisiana Fulbrighters!

Patrice Moulton is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Time: May 22, 2020 11:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

WELCOME to the Louisiana Chapter of the Fulbright Association

I am writing on behalf of the Fulbright Association to invite you to join us in the re-established Louisiana Fulbright Chapter. We are hoping to connect all of our Louisiana Fulbright members into a community for fellowship, networking, and education. It is an honor to be a member of the Fulbright community and the Chapter provides a way to stay active through shared experiences and information.

This group will be comprised of Fulbright students, faculty, professionals, and alumni.
I have agreed to serve as President for the Louisiana Fulbright Chapter and I am joined by executive board members, Dr. Herald Leder, Dr. Charlotte Maheu Vail, and Dr. Richard Shrubb.

I would like to share on a personal note, that my agreement to volunteer came as I recently returned from a Fulbright specialist placement in Nepal. I had an amazing experience personally and professionally and will be forever grateful for the opportunity. I returned longing to share that experience and seeking ways to stay involved after returning home. I wanted to connect with other Fulbrighters. When I logged onto the association site to join my Chapter as an alumni, I found that Louisiana was one of the few states without an active Chapter. There was no way to stay connected with other Fulbrighters in our state. So, I decided to give back to Fulbright out of gratitude for the opportunity they provided and attempt to re-establish this group so we all can have a Fulbright “home” in Louisiana. Since my return, I’ve found a very special connection between those serving in Fulbright.

Our first order of business is to identify our Fulbright community in Louisiana. We would also like to gather members virtually, particularly since it is difficult to gather physically at this time. We invite and encourage you to join the Fulbrighter Louisiana Chapter Group and gain further information through use of the Fulbrighter App. This is a FREE App provided by the Fulbright Association for community building. Please download now and build your profile so we can continue to communicate.


We look forward to hearing back from you all!

Dr. Patrice Moulton
Fulbright Specialist, Nepal 2018
Louisiana Fulbright Chapter President